Published July 30, 2020

10 Things You Can Do Today to Get the Most of #GLS20


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It’s just one week until thousands of us will gather for The Global Leadership Summit 2020! Some of us will experience the event through the brand new GLS Online Experience, our state-of-the art digital platform. Others of us will gather in person at micro-gatherings or in small venues across the U.S.  

 One thing we know: Your leadership matters…and it matters now more than ever. 

 We have seen it time and time again. The two days you invest in yourself at the GLS can have an outsized impact on your life when you apply what you learn. And a few minutes of preparation can pay big dividends as you get your heart and mind into a posture of openness and learning. 

 So, as you place that “out of office” message on your email and work through those final projects on your to-do list, be sure to make time to prepare yourself for what you are about to experience. 


Here are the Top 10 things You Can Do Today to Make the Most of #GLS20. 


1. Log on to the GLS Online ExperienceWhether you are at home or gathering in person at a host site, the GLS Online Experience will give you the unique ability to interact and engage with the GLS faculty content before, during and after the event on August 6-7Logging in early will get you access to bonus content and faculty sneak peek videos! (To access the Online GLS Experience platform, check your email for your unique access link associated with your registration).  


2. Download your Digital NotebookGet faculty biographies, the daily schedule, save and share your session notes and learn more about how the GLS has impacted communities around the world. 


3. Check out the Summit GuideThe online Summit Guide is your one-stop digital companion website for all things GLS. On your tablet, phone or second computer, access supplemental GLS materials including faculty graphics, notesdownloads, free stuff and more. 


4. Dream a little…What would you do if you could gain just one more hour of time in your day? Author Rory Vaden will help you learnnot just how to do things more efficiently, but how to actually create more time in your life. 


5. Reflect on the leadership challenges you have faced during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. What traits have helped you rise to the occasion? What traits have caused you to falter or doubt? Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic will teach you how to draw upon the top six research-based leadership attributes needed to thrive during seasons of crisis. 


6. Watch this short clip from Craig Groeschel  as he shares what he’s looking forward to most at #GLS20.


7. Name a specific initiative where what you’ve done in the past just isn’t working anymore. Maybe you realize it is time to make a changebut there is a good chance you might experience a downturn before things turn around. Craig Groeschel will help us learn how to lead well “through the dip”. 


8. Evaluate the psychological safety of your workplace. How frequently do you feel safe to disagree with management and appropriately express a contrary opinion: Often? Sometimes? Never? Dr. Amy Edmondson will unpack the importance of psychological safety and how leaders can build it on their teams. 


9. Join the conversation on social media. Follow @GLNsummit on TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. Tweet, post and share about your experience, and connect with Summit enthusiasts all across the globe! This year’s official hashtag is #GLS20. 


 10. Pray. Add a daily prayer this week: “God, guide me to know where to focus my growth for the next leadership season. prepare my heart to hear the message you need me to hear at the Summit. 


See you at the Summit! 

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